Reflexiones de Moises; Guatemala 2014, Blog Two, Colegio Mark… a Perfect Day

Did you have ever have one of those “Perfect Days” where everything went just perfect? Agua Viva had one yesterday.

At 8:00 am, we were walking through the “receiving line” at Colegio Mark; the site of Agua Viva’s very first installation. It was wonderful….. again and again. We just love those children and they are so happy to see us and I was so happy to see them.DSCN0255.Compressed.Modified

After our celebration, we continued to hear music to our ears! Colegio Mark is bottling 1,400 five gallon bottles (garrafones) every month. They have created quite the economy selling a significant amount of water to pay a small salary for the operator and to generate some revenue for the school. Their water was crystal clear and it “smelled” so good. It was definitely “Magic Water”.

During one of my very first trips to install the “pressure room” at Colegio Mark, I worked closely with a young man named Edson and on subsequent trips Agua Viva trained “Edson” as an Agua Viva Operator. Edson was always attentive and extremely interested and serious about our work there. Edson worked right next us at all times and he became our friend. I actually remember Edson telling me about a young girl of interest in the school.

Today, Edson is now in charge of the water operation and they have four additional adults on his staff: a back-up for Edson, a second trained operator, an accountant, and a manager of distribution. I was overwhelmed by their confidence and professionalism. Very impressive!DSCN0258.Compressed

I had not been to Colegio Mark for two years. I was a little concerned when I arrived because I had heard they were having a few difficulties. ALL of my concerns evaporated when they showed me their operation. The water room was spotless. I opened the clean water tank and the sweet smell of rain water wafted out of the tank. They told us over and over again how much everyone loved the water and how much better the health of the children had been. They went on to say how they “give away” water to those who can’t afford it, making an effort to make Clean Water available to everyone. ALL of the children get all the water they want every day. Attendance is up!  Everyone is smiles.

That night, Jacinto Poz Pom took the Agua Viva Team to dinner… his treat ! Wow!   What a pleasure. Jacinto, Wilma, and Raquel.  They took us to a very nice restaurant and it was very touching talking about all the things Agua Viva had done with Colegio Mark.  I told Jacinto that one of the greatest experiences of my entire life was watching the Colegio Mark Marching Band marching down the road at Casa Angelina Orphanage last year.

And, the most rewarding part of all was when Edson walked into the room with his new bride (Michelle) and their new born baby. And, yes, Michelle was the same “young girl of interest” he had told me about years ago!DSCN0288.Compressed

Reflexiones de Moises; Guatemala 2014, Blog One

In a miraculous way, Agua Viva has been connected again with a most wonderful orphanage in Guatemala called “Shadow of His Wings” and they are in great need of Clean Drinking Water.DSCN0243.Compressed
While Jim Allen, Mike Springer, and Mario Mejia were providing our first follow-up visit at Casa Angelina Orphanage (Agua Viva 2013 Trip), Yuri Mondal asked if there was any possibility that Agua Viva would consider another orphanage in Guatemala. Eager to serve orphans and widows, we jumped at the opportunity and we decided to visit the other orphanage the very next day.DSCN0236.Compressed
“Shadow of His Wings” was located in the state of Jalapa, Guatemala, in a town called Monjas, a considerable distance from any other installation. Amazingly, the leaders of the orphanage, Bryon and Tiffany Applegate, just happened to be at the orphanage when we arrived and they were leaving in four hours…. For Kansas City !! We had just enough time to meet them and discuss the exciting prospect of a new Water Purification System for their 100 orphans.  Mr. Jace Johnson led us on a wonderful tour of their facilities and we all fell in love the cutest children you have ever seen.
Mr. Johnson was eager to learn about the Living Waters for the World System and did not take long to figure out that it was just perfect for this facility. Jim Allen took two water samples and we hope to determine if the water from their well is compatible. We spent the next two hours discussing covenants, bottling operations, and “conexes” under the Ceiba Tree. Mr. Johnson pointed out to us, that the founder of Shadow of His Wings” stood under this tree and looked out over the amazing mountain sides and decided THIS is where they would build a facility to serve the poor, the orphans, and the widows of these communities.DSCN0248.Compressed
We have not completed our covenant yet, but we believe that were led to this place to serve this community. We will know soon.DSCN0201.Compressed