Blog 6 – What Madeers – 21 de Abril Site Investigation

Ecuador 2014 – Site Investigation in Flores, Chimborazo, Ecuador

On Thursday (10/2/14) the team did a site investigation at a school in Flores call 21 de Abril. We were led to this school by Jose Antonio Pene who is a political leader in the area, as well as being involved in the water supply and distribution in the Gompene area. Unfortunately the community of Gompuene disassembled the system we installed in October 2013 due to issues of one group selling “community” water. Through research of water rights laws by Martiza, and feedback from the community/school leaders we learned that the selling of community water has become nearly illegal, so the communities are looking to operate the water purification systems and perform the bottling operations with volunteers and not charging for the water. Once a system and bottles are provided by Agua Viva the community will work together and provide the monetary support to operate and maintain the system.

 Our meeting with the school leaders at 21 de Abril went very well and they hope to see a system installed at the school in2015, which will provide clean water to 300 children as well as the surrounding community.



Blog 5 – What Madeers – Promesa Divina Follow up

Ecuador 2014 – Follow up Visit – Promesa Divina, Colta, Chimborazo, Ecuador

On Wednesday (9/30/14) the team did a follow-up site visit at our installation at the Promesa Divina church. During our investigation we found that the trash filter needed cleaning and big blue filters needed to be changed. We also found that the operator was concerned about having too much ozone in the water, and after some testing we found that the bottles and the tank did not have ozone in them. This created a good opportunity to provide additional training on the system operation, cleaning tanks, back flushing the barrel sand filters and shocking the system. This also provided a great opportunity for our new friend Wilson Villarreal (Peruvian) to learn about the system and how it works. With George Wertz and Wilson being “in country” (Cuenca) Agua Viva now has a team in Ecuador that will help to increase our mission outreach there.IMG_5569_1 IMG_5572_1 IMG_5578_1

While at Promesa Divina we had the opportunity to see our friends, particularly Elena & Rosa who have helped us with our education training in October 2013 and who we hope to have with us on future installations.


Blog 4 – Jipangato

IMG_5553_1 IMG_5557_1Blog 4 – What Madeers

Ecuador 2014 – Site Investigation in Jipangato, Chimborazo, Ecuador
On Tuesday (9/29/14) the team did a follow-up site visit at our installation at Jipangato. Our team had the pleasure of finally meeting Pastor Moises Vimos Yosaca of Iglesia Evangelica Nueva Vida, whom we had not meet during the October 2013 installation. Moises is the operator of the system and is doing a wonderful job of maintaining the system, which is currently providing clean water to 49 families in Jipangato and Pallantanga, as well as providing 2 bottles a week for the children in the local school. The record keeping by Moises is the most detailed that I have seen to date. I was not with the installation team in October 2013 but heard and saw pictures of the beautiful mountain scenery in this part of Ecuador. The views were better than I expected. Our driver, Roberto Troya, loves to parasail and he thought the mountain terrain was excellent for his sport.

After our site investigation we found a roadside restaurant for lunch and played a friendly game of pool on an outdoor table. The South American team of Wilson and Roberto handily defeated the Americano’s George and Curt.

Blog 3 – What Madders Most

Ecuador 2014 – Site Investigation in Guayaquil (El Fortin), Ecuador

On Monday (9/29/14) did a site investigation in an area called “El Fortin” in Guayaquil. Guayaquil is the largest city in Ecuador and is a coastal/port city. El Fortin means “fort” and was settled by squatters about 15 years ago, who came out of the rural areas looking for work. There is no official law enforcement in this area because the community takes care of things within. If you are not welcome then it’s probably best to stay out. Fortunately our missionary friend from Cuenca, George Wertz, lived in Guayaquil for his first 1.5 years of missionary service and came to know Pastor Nino of Iglesia Cristiana Eangelica Restaurando El Tabernaculo, who has been at the church for 10 years. Pastor Nino is well respected in the community and has an important outreach where they feed upwards of 200 children per week. The next step in Pastor Nino’s mission is to provide clean water for the community. The water purification room would be located on the front porch and measure 6’x8′, which would make it the smallest room system installed to date.

IMG_5516_1 IMG_5519_1


What Madders 2

IMG_5935_1Blog 2 – What Madeers

 Ecuador 2014 – Flying to Guayaquil

Early Sunday morning (9/28/14) I picked up Brian Seabaug at the Burns and McDonnell office in Kansas City, Missouri. Brian had just returned from Saudi Arabia two days prior and was not feeling well. When we arrived at KCI Airport Brian was feeling progressively worse and began having major flu symptoms. So the first order of business was to cancel his flight and unfortunately he had to take a cab home from the airport. A couple days later Jim Allen reported that Brian had to be admitted to the hospital due to his situation.

 Needless to say I was traveling on my own to Ecuador, which I had never done in the past. The flights all went as scheduled and I was very relieved to see my friends Maritza Yanez, George Wertz and Wilson Villarreal Izquierdo (our new friend from Peru).

Chimborazo here I come!