2016 Annual Celebration Details


Agua Viva’s CELEBRATION 2016 was held on November 17, 2016, and it was a huge success.  With over 275 constituents in attendance, our Celebration exceeded all expectations.  Our net income from our fund raiser was $40,248.56, and our Board of Directors wants to extend their heartfelt gratitude for everyone’s support and hard work.  It was simply amazing!

As Agua Viva begins a new journey to Africa (our third continent), our confidence and faith in our supporters is overwhelming.  A large children’s hospital, neonatal healthcare unit, and birthing center in Zinga, Tanzania will have pure clean ozonated water for the first time… Thanks to YOU!

Since our Celebration, Agua Viva has signed TWO new covenants; one in Atahualpa, Ecuador, and one in Quezaltepeque, Guatemala.  Our success during the Celebration provides almost immediate stimulus to our efforts and abilities to carry out our mission.

Today, Agua Viva has already started planning our next Celebration.  Please keep in mind any Silent Auction Items you can think of and if you would like to help plan our upcoming event, please let me know.  Just email me:  jim@aguavivainternational.org