Guatemala 2017

Quezaltepeque, Guatemala

Agua Viva has a new and wonderful opportunity to provide clean ozonated water at a beautiful church and school in Quezaltepeque, Guatemala.  In January 2017, Curt Mader and Dale Bain visited the  Colegio Catolico Privado Mixto San Franscisco de Asis where 500 children attend school with NO access to clean drinking water.

This community was so excited about the prospects of improved health from Agua Viva water that they started water room construction immediately, signed a covenant, and set the date for August 25th, 2017.  The water room is nearly complete!  No turning back now!

A system in this location affords many new advantages for these needy people.  First, five hundred children get parasite free water.  Plus, churches have large volunteer pools to find operators and educators for better sustainability.  Agua Viva’s good friend, Ruben Noguera, has strong contacts in this community which almost certainly guarantees a successful installation.

Honduras 2017-2018

In October of 2016, Agua Viva provided our first installation in Quisgualagua, Honduras.  Agua Viva took 10 volunteers to this very rural and poor community to bless them with pure clean ozonated water, health and hygiene education, and full dental services.

During our trip, we were able to consider three possible new sites for future trips in Honduras.  One such possibility is El Obraje.  Several team members split off from the group to visit new friends in this needy community.  Church of the Resurrection has been providing medical missions to this community for several years and they have requested that Agua Viva consider this site for an installation.  Alejandro, the head pastor at the Methodist Church in El Obraje, was pleased to give us a tour of their new construction project where the water system may be installed.

Victor Galo, Nancy Allen, and Alejandro sized up the room and it is looking good for a future trip.  No date has been set, but one possible time frame being considered is January 2018.

Ecuador 2017-18

Atahualpa, Ecuador

On March 1st,2017, AVI signed a covenant to install a water system in Atahualpa, Ecuador. This small agricultural community is located in the canton of Guamote, the poorest canton in Ecuador. The pride of the community is the local school which is an agricultural vocational school. While there the school gave us a tour of their fields and barns where students are taught, hands-on, efficient and sustainable agricultural practices. In the fields we saw how the students were learning irrigation as well as growing a wide variety of potatoes, garden vegetables, herbs and even beekeeping. We also saw the barns where they teach raising rabbits, guinea pigs and chickens. The AVI water system will be on school property and operated and maintained by the school to serve the whole community. AVI is planning a February, 2018 installation for this system.

Africa 2017

Agua Viva is blazing a new trail into Africa.  Last year, Agua Viva performed site investigations in Kenya and Tanzania.  After careful consideration and prayer, Zinga, Tanzania was selected for first installation in Africa.

We had ten outstanding volunteers attending our first Training Session on Saturday, February 11, 2017.  With this great group of volunteers, our team leaves for Africa and our new friends in Zinga are very excited about having clean pure ozonated water in their new Children’s Hospital.  Agua Viva was invited to this hospital by International Health Partners and they have recently begun construction of a new birthing center and neonatal care unit.  It is hard to believe they have no clean drinking water at this hospital!!  But, not for much longer.

Tanzania is a very interesting country.  One half of the population is Christian and one half is Muslim and they live together in relative peace.  What a great world model for living!  Women frequently do not have an opportunity for prenatal care in Tanzania and this new hospital will provide a great resource to Muslim and Christian women alike to have healthy children and successful birthing experiences.

This is also a great opportunity for Agua Viva.  We are expanding our influence into a new continent and country, we are installing purified water in our first hospital, and Agua Viva is modifying the standard board to operate with 240 Volt, 50 Cycle Power.

We love the children!  They need clean drinking water more than anyone as they are developing and their immune systems are often weak from malnutrition.