Africa Reflection #2

These Children are Smart!

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Today, we visited yet another orphanage in Wachara, Kenya.  A wonderful retired teacher from Blue Valley Schools, Mrs. Susan Gammper, helped Agua Viva pick out some appropriate books for these children, and Mrs. Nancy Allen, was able to order them and get them to Kansas City in time for our trip.  The response was unbelievable.  These new books may have been the best gifts these children have ever received.  Much to our surprise the children immediately picked up the books and started reading them out loud “in English”.  We were startled they could read and talk so plainly.  I do not believe we could have given them anything in the whole wide world that they could have been happier with.  Some kids got a jump rope.  Some children got a soccer ball.  But, the books… the NEW books, were just so special to them.  These children have been taught that Education is King, and they believe it.


Jim and Curt are in Africa

Curt Mader and I (Jim Allen) are in Kenya.  We are spending the evening at Pastor Benard Ondeik’s home. Today, we visited the orphanage in Ahero that he started just a few years ago.  They have 80 live-in orphans and they serve about 400 orphans in total.  I must admit, it is difficult.  So much need in this place.  I asked Pastor Ondeik if the children had enough food.  “No, they don’t.  Our children are hungry.  But, we need clean drinking the most.  Please bring us drinking water.  How soon can you come back”.  So much hunger!  Hunger for food.  Hunger for drinking water.  Hunger for education.  Hunger for justice.  Tonight, sitting in his home of 12 children, many adopted, the kitchen table is covered with books as the children study math.  No air conditioning.  “They study all of the time.  This is their hope and promise for change and for a bright future.  Laughing… giggling… doing math.  Can you imagine?

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