Posts made in March, 2017

Blog Seven; The Whole Story in Flores, Ecuador

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Agua Viva arrived in Flores to find our water purification system fully operative and our new operating partners doing fantastic. This was especially satisfying to our team considering how this all came about. You see, this was NOT the first home for this system. Not everything goes exactly according to plan. In 2013, Agua Viva installed this Standard Board purification system in a community called Gompuene, Ecuador. The system served a small community of about 800 people where a landslide at wiped out their only source of water. However, about one week after the system was installed, there...

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Blog Six; Lessons Learned (Learning)

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No matter how hard we try, we always need something we didn’t bring. The big surprise on this trip (so far) was Flores. Everything looked great, but when Dale and Jerry inspected the Ozonator, only two of the four bulbs were energized. “Wow, never seen two burned out Ozone Bulbs before!” After some expert troubleshooting we discovered that it wasn’t the bulbs at all but we had a defective ballast transformer. We have never carried spare ballasts before, and we certainly could not buy one of these in the high sierra of Ecuador. Well, just another lesson learned.  Then, at Jipongato, our...

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Blog Five; Teamwork

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On this trip to Ecuador we have assembled quite a team. Our teams of volunteers almost always consist of several divine appointments. To begin, we have three volunteers from the United States. Nobody is paid… straight up volunteers.  Many of us gave up vacation time…  We all gave up family time. But, that is only the tip of the iceberg. Our team also included Mario Mejia from Quetzaltengo, Guatemala.  Mario is an excellent translator but he is much more than that.  Mario knows our purification system inside and out.  He also understands the rest of the program:  Health and Hygiene...

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Blog Four; Great Success

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Today we completed follow-up trips for all of our Agua Viva Water Sites in central Ecuador. Site after site, we heard and observed first-hand, the same thing from our friends, “The water system is working great. Thank you so much”. Without exception, all our sites were 100% operative, clean, and cranking out water. Our proudest moment was when two our school projects, Pomachaca and Flores, both with about 500 students, exclaimed that absenteeism had dropped to a new amazing low level, beyond what either of the principals ever thought possible. Every site asked us to come back more often; not...

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Blog Three; Atahualpa

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Today, we had a spectacular day! Our team visited a remote village called Atahualpa, Guamote, Ecuador, where a rather large school is nestled in the mountains at 12,500 Feet Elevation. The children welcomed us like royalty and are hearts were touched at how accepting they were of this team of complete strangers. It is amazing how happy there are, living with so few possessions. After a few hours of negotiations, and trust building, the community leaders signed a covenant with Agua Viva and we promised to return to provide a complete water purification system. Our team is feeling very blessed...

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