Several factors have contributed to the success of Agua Viva International:

  • Our mission work is founded upon our faith in Jesus Christ.  Agua Viva believes that God is at the core of our success.  High morals and ethical objectives have resulted in enumerable blessings during each of our projects.
  • Our mission work is based upon the “sweat equity” of our volunteers.  Our volunteers give their vacation time and their hearts over to our mission work.  With the confluence of a strong educated volunteer group and the desperate needs of our targeted third world nations, profound satisfaction is achieved and hearts are changed forever.
  • Our Water Team has a very strong core management team of committed Christian volunteers.


  • Agua Viva is committed to low overhead and we are committed to directing all of our contributions to the direct benefit of our targeted communities.  For this reason, Agua Viva is creating the Agua Viva Foundation.
  •  Our mission work is sustainable because it is based upon the continuing education by the newly trained teachers and operators.  By enabling the indigenous people of our targeted communities, enduring friendships are created and lasting results.