Guiding Principles

The Guiding Principles of Agua Viva:
One of the most common characteristics of poverty is “Lack of Hope”.  This is a result of the shame and unworthiness associated with poverty.  It damages their confidence and undermines their motivation.  Spreading the Word of Salvation brings NEW hope to these communities.  It washes away the shame and replaces it with forgiveness and hope.  Agua Viva sees an immediate improvement in these communities as they rally to “lift themselves up” with new inspiration and hope in Jesus Christ.
God is number one.  Knowing that Jesus Christ is their Savior, and knowing that He stands beside each one of us, gives our new friends in developing countries the strength to endure the great hardships of their life.  Our volunteers and our new friends immediately share our common hope in Salvation.
Holding hands and praying together, Agua Viva dedicates each new water installation to the Glory of God.  We sieze this opportunity to share what “dedication” means and what it means to dedicate our lives to our Savior.
Agua Viva is secular.  We have no affiliations, agreements, or contracts with any Churches or religions (except our covenants with our Operating Partners).  Our water is distributed without discrimination and, although our Operating Partners have final say in matters of distribution, we encourage them to distribute water to “all of the needy” people in their communities.
We include volunteers from all faiths and volunteers with “no faith”.  Many of our installations are provided in Churches but this is not a requirement.  Agua Viva has presently installed systems in two orphanages.