Typical Project

After several months of research, AVI decided to focus on a particular type of water purification system.  The chosen system is purchased from Living Waters for the World.  The system has three stages of water filtration and one stage of Ozonation.
Ozonation kills 99.9% of biological contamination and renders all remaining bacteria benign.  It leaves a sweet and desirable smell and it is perfectly clear and pristine.  As an added benefit, Ozonation has “residual” and retains its pure state for approximately 90 days.  This system requires almost no maintenance and filters last for about two years and cost only $50.00.
A typical trip includes four Board of Directors and eight volunteers from the United States.  In addition, it is common for AVI to have many friends from previous installations join us at the site.  AVI pays six translators to assist our volunteers.  In this way, it is likely that twenty or more volunteers will assist with each project.  AVI has frequently sponsored and included Kansas City inner city children on these trips.
For each project, three teams are formed:

  • Water Installation Team
  • Adult Teacher Training Team
  • Children’s Ministries Team

On each day of the trip, all three teams are simultaneously working directly with our new friends and partners in the targeted community.
Profound successes are immediately realized.
One of the most promising successes we notice is the sense of community and fellowship shared between our volunteers and our partners.  The AVI methodology is to train and supervise our partners, as opposed to doing the work for them. Working together on these projects in this manner immediately builds confidence and hope in the hearts of our new friends.
AVI requires that our new partners select 50% women to work with each of our teams.  This provides “gender empowerment” in these communities where women frequently are not expected to hold important jobs or leadership positions.
AVI education team trains “teachers”.  Curriculum is provided and left with our newly trained teachers with the commitment and understanding that education will continue after AVI has returned to the United States.