Agua Viva and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Our Mission Continues for “Such a time as this!”

Agua Viva’s mission is to enable and inspire the needy people of developing countries by partnering with their communities to implement water purification and distribution (BOTTLING) systems and by providing health and hygiene education and by promoting gender empowerment.

More than ever as communities strive to protect themselves from COVID-19, Agua Viva’s two main health education components are critical:

  • Hand Washing
  • Drinking Purified Water

Hand Washing

Hand washing is playing a critical role during the pandemic. Yet many people around the world need reminders of the proper way to wash hands for maximum protection.

Watch this video to see why it is important to use soap to eliminate the COVID-19 VIRUS.

Drinking Purified Water

DRINKING PURIFIED WATER also plays a critical role during the pandemic. It is a fact that communities with Agua Viva purified water systems show a substantial reduction of stomach/intestine issues from drinking contaminated water with germs, bacteria, parasites, etc.. AND it is known that COVID-19 has more serious consequences for the elderly and people with compromised immunity systems.

Celebrations and Gratitude for Our In-country Partners

A man delivering water with a protective mask on

Chichipate, Guatemala

By keeping the bottling operation open and distributing bottled water during the pandemic people do not have to get water from communal water sources where people are frequently infected by germs, bacteria, parasites, etc… They are giving away water as many in the community have no jobs or income.

Our friends couldn't wait for a complete Ozonated Water System so they are building their own Sand Filtration System (with Agua Viva help, of course).

Mwana, Tanzania

Even though Agua Viva was unable to travel to install a new water system, Mbaja, the local leader translated the 90 power point slides and 52 pages of Agua Viva education curriculum into Swahili and was so impressed with the excellent content he decided to start teaching the community in advance, especially about the importance of hand washing. They are also beginning to construct a barrel sand filter and stand as Agua Viva gives instructions by What’s App and virtual videos to provide primary filtration of their new well water supply.

2020 Updates

Agua Viva operating partner countries are closed to travel due to COVID-19. Not only are outsiders prohibited from entering the country, residents are restricted to travel in country within their department(similar to states in US). Almost all have established curfews that restrict movement and allow shopping for essentials only on certain days. Sadly, schools and churches are closed, affecting many Agua Viva water purification installations and distribution of clean water. And this when health is so important and drinking pure ozonated water protects health in so many ways. A bright spot is that five Agua Viva partner orphanages are still producing clean water and children are benefiting and staying healthy.

A man delivering water with a protective mask on

Chichipate, Guatemala

Our newest install was completed in February 2020, and is open and purifying and distributing water. This recent photo shows delivery of a “garrafon” by bicycle. Notice the rider is wearing gloves and a facemask in a COVID-19 safe manner.

A photo of La Paz Montessori School in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

La Paz Montessori School Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

June 13-20, 2020 installation and health and hygiene education has been postponed due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. We hope to reschedule in early 2021.

Benard’s Vision School Wachara, Kenya

May 21- June 2, 2020 install has been postponed due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. Rescheduled for May, 2021.

Nyaska Free Methodist Church Mwanza, Tanzania

May 23- June 6, 2020 install has been postponed due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. Rescheduled for May 2021.

Rio Jubal, Ecuador

Site investigation for April 2020 was postponed due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. The installation and health and hygiene education was scheduled for September, 2020 but will change to a site investigation if travel is permitted this fall to make sure the construction of the water room is complete.

2021 Update

Agua Viva has big plans for 2021. Including the four postponed installation trips, New Covenants have been signed and we are preparing for the following installations:

  • Senora de los Remedios All Girls Orphange, Jalapa, Guatemala. Installation and health and hygiene education tentatively scheduled for April, 2021. Madre Claudia is praying for funding to finish construction on a transition home for girls that will also house the Agua Viva water purification system.
  • Casa Guatemala Camelias, Izabal, Guatemala. This school serves two remote communities and students that reside on site. While school has been shut down, the staff is still working on sustainable living including raising livestock and edible plants on their property.
  • Honduras: We anticipate doing an installation and health and hygiene educatiuon in 2021. Agua Viva will make a site investigation trip this fall if travel is permitted to determine which community will receive the purified water system.

Paying it Forward

Donations raised in 2019 for 2020 Agua Viva Work will be used as we complete planned installs that were postponed by the COVID-19 Pandemic along with new covenant installs for 2021. Next year will be a very busy year for Agua Viva. With your continued prayers and support we look forward to a bright future in which many more children and adults will have access to clean water and better health.