Blog Four; Great Success

Today we completed follow-up trips for all of our Agua Viva Water Sites in central Ecuador. Site after site, we heard and observed first-hand, the same thing from our friends, “The water system is working great. Thank you so much”. Without exception, all our sites were 100% operative, clean, and cranking out water.

Our proudest moment was when two our school projects, Pomachaca and Flores, both with about 500 students, exclaimed that absenteeism had dropped to a new amazing low level, beyond what either of the principals ever thought possible.
Every site asked us to come back more often; not for repairs, but to celebrate a life changing event: improved health, economic gain, new hope, and increased motivation.

That certainly makes it all worth it. It is a lot of work to make it happen on the United States side and it takes a lot of volunteers, but, the payback is enormous. God never said, “It will be easy or comfortable”.
Speaking for our entire team, we wish we could do more installations. We just aren’t doing enough to help our Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus.

Blog Three; Atahualpa

Today, we had a spectacular day! Our team visited a remote village called Atahualpa, Guamote, Ecuador, where a rather large school is nestled in the mountains at 12,500 Feet Elevation.
The children welcomed us like royalty and are hearts were touched at how accepting they were of this team of complete strangers. It is amazing how happy there are, living with so few possessions.

After a few hours of negotiations, and trust building, the community leaders signed a covenant with Agua Viva and we promised to return to provide a complete water purification system. Our team is feeling very blessed today and we all took in the beauty of this place knowing that we had all somehow grown closer to God.

Our new friends were equally impressed that two of our team members were Quechue; this always opens a few doors.

Our last treat of the day, was a grand tour of their husbandry operation where they raise conejos (rabbits) and cuy (guinea pigs). This is big business for these people and quite the delicacy. I made the big mistake of asking, “Is it a boy or girl!!”.

Blog Two; Into the Amazon

About an hour drive North of a village called Puyo, Ecuador, and in the Amazon rain forest, there is the most surprising place; A university. This is a special university called Universidad Estatal Amazonica. There are 5,000 students. The tuition is “free”. The students are all Quechue indigenous people. These people are drinking water right out of the river and they have invited Agua Viva to install a new purification and ozonation system to serve the students at this campus.

The purpose of this university is to research and invent ways to use the natural resources of the Amazon rain forest and to learn new ways to preserve its splendor. Dr. Edison Samaniego, PhD., the Dean of the university wants Agua Viva to teach the Quechue students “how to install water purification systems” in other Quechue communities. Our team had a great discussion with the Dean. Dale Bain explained how our purification system worked and Elena Fernandez explained our health and hygiene program. They are VERY interested.

We all stared in amazement at the beauty of this place. Flowers everywhere… Birds… Fish…. Ants. It was incredible. Our new friends were very pleased that we had a full-blooded Quechue team member and they were ready to sign a covenant on-the-spot. Unfortunately, they must get in line. Other sites must be installed before we can organize another team to go to Ecuador. But, we plan to return to this place.. Ojala!

Blog One; Jipongato 2017

Our Agua Team has arrived in Ecuador for site investigations and followup visits. Agua Viva now has five full installations in Ecuador and we have made many friends! What a joy to bring pure clean drinking water to these beautiful people and their communities.

Our first folllowup trip was to Jipongato which is located high in the Cloud Forests. We stopped along the way to enjoy the mountaneous beauty and to take our first team photo.

When we arrived at the site, we were so pleased to find the water system (installed in 2014, fully operative and clean as a whistle. Speaking of whistles, Dale Bain had the great idea of passing out whistles to the children. Wow, was that ever fun.

Back on track we soon met up with Moises who hosted us 2-1/2 years ago during the installation. He is the chief operator. The community is now building a new much larger church and Luiz is the new Pastor of the church. It is great to see them growing and so happy. We had a great time.

We presented several gifts to Moises and Luiz, and in return, they took us to the most beautiful place in Ecuador: Los Cascades (waterfalls) high up in the Cloud Forest. It was an 800 meter climb. Elena Fernandez joined us on the trip up the mountain.

Our Method

Agua Viva International (AVI) approaches The Crisis by providing health and hygiene education and curriculum typically to the women of the community, installing sustainable water purification systems, and delivering purified water to communities of need. Therein sharing the love of Jesus Christ. Agua Viva International creates opportunities for partnering with local people to be a part this cause and witness the need and solution first hand.

The water purification system is provided by Living Waters for the World (LWW, . It is a system that is tested in the field with over 1000 installations around the world. There is a network of installations and support personnel to support the installations.

The LWW system can provide clean water to a community of up to 3000 people for less than $10 per person.

Honduras 2016

img_05991Houduras 2016
The Agua Viva Team arrived in Quisgualagua, Hoduras, today, Sunday, just in time for church. God was with us and it was such a pleasure to meet our new friends. It was also troubling to see the extreme poverty in the area and I think we were all wondering what God has in store for us this week.

The Water Room is ready. It was painted a pretty blue. The bottling table was completely installed with bottle washer, three floor drains, lights, tanks, bottles, everything. What a surprise and what a blessing. Victor Galo has worked very hard with Pastor Jamileth to get things ready to go!

Volunteer Steve Wagner immediately started assembling the Dental Chair (donated by Church of the Resurrection). Our new dentist, Dr. Isreal Mejia, is ready to go with his own personal assistants Volunteer Andrea Sester and Guatemala Volunteer Ana Van Seumeren. Dr. Mejia is meeting with the local elementary school in the morning to begin fluoridating the children’s little teeth.img_06001

All our 16 suitcases are safe at the church and we are ready for an early start tomorrow.
Our two Translators, Paul and Melissa, are doing a great job. Mario Mejia, from Guatemala, is also here and it is a great comfort to us all to see our good friend again.

2016 Agua Viva International Annual Celebration

Please join us for this years’ celebration at a great new venue! During the evening we will share about all our 2016 installations and how Agua Viva is expanding into a new continent! Be sure to come hungry as dinner will be served and come ready to bid on all our wonderful silent auction items. Tickets will be on sale from 9.1.16-11.1.2016.  We anticipate tickets will go fast so please purchase tickets in advance.


You can purchase tickets here:

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If you need any assistance registering please email We can’t wait to see you there!

Guatemala 2017

Quezaltepeque, Guatemala

Agua Viva has a new and wonderful opportunity to provide clean ozonated water at a beautiful church and school in Quezaltepeque, Guatemala.  In January 2017, Curt Mader and Dale Bain visited the  Colegio Catolico Privado Mixto San Franscisco de Asis where 500 children attend school with NO access to clean drinking water.

This community was so excited about the prospects of improved health from Agua Viva water that they started water room construction immediately, signed a covenant, and set the date for August 25th, 2017.  The water room is nearly complete!  No turning back now!

A system in this location affords many new advantages for these needy people.  First, five hundred children get parasite free water.  Plus, churches have large volunteer pools to find operators and educators for better sustainability.  Agua Viva’s good friend, Ruben Noguera, has strong contacts in this community which almost certainly guarantees a successful installation.

Honduras 2017-2018

In October of 2016, Agua Viva provided our first installation in Quisgualagua, Honduras.  Agua Viva took 10 volunteers to this very rural and poor community to bless them with pure clean ozonated water, health and hygiene education, and full dental services.

During our trip, we were able to consider three possible new sites for future trips in Honduras.  One such possibility is El Obraje.  Several team members split off from the group to visit new friends in this needy community.  Church of the Resurrection has been providing medical missions to this community for several years and they have requested that Agua Viva consider this site for an installation.  Alejandro, the head pastor at the Methodist Church in El Obraje, was pleased to give us a tour of their new construction project where the water system may be installed.

Victor Galo, Nancy Allen, and Alejandro sized up the room and it is looking good for a future trip.  No date has been set, but one possible time frame being considered is January 2018.

Ecuador 2017-18

Atahualpa, Ecuador

On March 1st,2017, AVI signed a covenant to install a water system in Atahualpa, Ecuador. This small agricultural community is located in the canton of Guamote, the poorest canton in Ecuador. The pride of the community is the local school which is an agricultural vocational school. While there the school gave us a tour of their fields and barns where students are taught, hands-on, efficient and sustainable agricultural practices. In the fields we saw how the students were learning irrigation as well as growing a wide variety of potatoes, garden vegetables, herbs and even beekeeping. We also saw the barns where they teach raising rabbits, guinea pigs and chickens. The AVI water system will be on school property and operated and maintained by the school to serve the whole community. AVI is planning a February, 2018 installation for this system.