Blog 14 – What Madeers; Shadow of His Wings Orphanage Pre-install Meeting

July 4, 2015

 The James Project – Shadow of His Wings Orphanage

Monjas, Jalapa, Guatemala


 Today we traveled from my friend Ruben Noguera’s home in Quetzaltepeque to Monjas, Jalapa to have a pre-installation meeting with our newest Guatemala Operating Partner at the Shadow of His Wings Orphanage. This is my first time at the orphanage. Dale Bain, Mario Mejia and I met with Jace Johnson and two of the staff members of the orphanage to get a first-hand tour of the facilities, to discuss where and how the new water purification system will be installed, and where the new water tanks will be installed. It was important for Dale Bain to get a first-hand look at the installation location because he will be leading up the installation during the week of October 31, 2015 to November 8, 2015.


One good thing that we found out from Jace is that the orphanage can now accommodate its mission teams with living and eating quarters within the borders of the orphanage, which will allow the installation and education teams to remain in close proximity to the children and LOVE on them more!



Blog 13 – What Madeers; Huerto de Getsamani Follow Up Visit – July 2015


July 5, 2015

Las Cruces, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala


 Today Dale Bain, Mario Mejia and I attended church service with Pastor Miguel Calderon doing the preaching and a number of community/church members performing a number of songs and sharing the Gospel. Today’s service lasted nearly 3 ½ hours and we had the wonderful opportunity to share in communion, as well as Dale and I sharing a couple Gospel messages with the congregation. This service was primarily focused around praise, worship and prayer for the Agua Viva team. Today’s experience rates in the top two spiritual experiences that I’ve experienced in my mission trips with AVI – Pastor Calderon’s message, the music and the prayers humbled me completely and I was overcome with emotion (and tears) for the love and grace God was pouring out on us throughout the service.

 After the service we had the chance to catch up with one of our operators to discuss the LWW system and production, then quickly moved to a lunch with the church elders at our friend Oceil’s home. Dale Bain particularly enjoyed the conversation, which included some discussion on how the church elders carry out their work in the church. We enjoyed a wonderful meal of steak, tomalitos and other side dishes. It has been about 2 ½ years since I’ve seen my friends and it was great to catch up.IMG_6411

After lunch we had the opportunity to see the results of the “pig farm” donation that AVI made to Franklin Calderon, one of the system operators. To say that the Calderon family has a viable pig operation is nearly an understatement! We got to see three litters of piglets (at least 30!) and three large sows. The fruits of AVI’s initial donation is reaping rewards for the family!



Next Stop, Ecuador… First Hurdle

Our Agua Viva Team left for Ecuador today at 3:15 am. I remembered my passport this time. We just cleared our first big hurdel. We connected with Mario Mejia and Raquel Poz Diaz in the Miami Airport. So, we prayed and thanked God for this miracle and we board for Quito, Ecuador in 15 minutes.
Jim Allen

Bakery Tour

Elder Mejia is a baker in San Jose Chicalquix and he gave us a grand tour of his bakery.  Today, he became one of our volunteer adult leaders for Agua Viva International and he said he was very excited about spreading the Pure and Living Waters.  We had 9 community leaders in our training classes.  Doris McAfee, Nancy Allen, and Raquel Poz Diaz.  We all had a great time learning about germs and parasites.