Wendy Calderon and Isaac Arriola demonstrate good tooth brushing technique, July 2012.

To:  Agua Viva International

Date:  June 24, 2012

On this activity, I had many experiences and it was a great blessing, because not only I was able to share with the missionary group of Agua Viva International, but I was also able to teach and share about dental hygiene. This is a topic that I like a lot, and I could teach it to the kids so they can have healthy teeth and learn how to wash correctly their teeth.
I loved to see how the children participated in all the activities that we did, such as: illustration about germs and the light UV, the songs and the biblical teachings, etc.
I’m happy to know than in a region with few resources, they now have a water system to get pure water. If they use it wisely, it will be a great benefit for all the community and for their health. God is good and He never forgets anybody.
I want to say thank you to all the team of missionaries because they let me to be part of their group in this project. They are very good people. May the Lord bless them, take care of them and guide them wherever they go. Even it was kind of hard for me to understand their language, because I can’t speak English very well, it was a great time for me and I enjoyed it. Thank you, Sister Susan William for your patience and comprehension; also I want to thank Jim and Nancy because they spread happiness to all of us. We appreciate you. The doors here in Guatemala are open for all of you, and you can count on me for a next time.

Wendy Calderon
Dental  Student in Guatemala
Agua Viva Volunteer, Iglesia Eben Ezer 2012

Agua Viva & Guatemala: Making Relationships

I have been blessed by being able to travel to Guatemala with the Agua Viva team to do pure water installations.  Working with the people there has touched my heart.  When you travel 22 miles on a one lane road that takes two hours to get to a small country village, this makes it all worthwhile.  The people are there to meet you and welcome you.  God made us in his image, so Guatemalan people are like us and we are like them.  All we need is to give love and receive love.

D.C. Freemyer and a few of the many relationships he's made with the people of Guatemala

D.C. Freemyer and a few of the many relationships he’s made with the people of Guatemala

You learn this when we are all working together on the installation by being close and not letting the language barrier be any kind of a problem.  When you have two church elders working with you and talking through an interpreter and they want to know if they can give you a hug because they appreciate you being there, it puts a lump in your heart.  It has sweetness at the very center and it brings tears to my eyes.  The elders knew that by getting pure water it would be a blessing to their children in the school and the community.

It is wonderful to see all the people gather for the celebration after the installation is complete.  There are people from the community and from nearby villages that come to see and learn.  It helps the villages interact more with each other and they begin to help with other installations.

So in closing, that relationship in my heart will be there forever and it has made me a better person.  The lump in my heart reminds me of what kind of relationship we need to have with God and His people.

I do not like to brag about going on trips, but I will BRAG ABOUT GOD for giving me the blessings, ability, and courage to go on these trips.

DC Freemyer

Agua Viva Volunteer and Faithful Servant


A Great Connection

Two of our Agua Viva Board Members have had the privilege of “tutoring and mentoring” children at Freedom Fire Urban Ministries for several years in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.  This Ministry touches the lives of hundreds of inner city youth and Freedom Fire is 100% “dedicated to equipping the young people of the inner city to guide their community spiritually, economically, and socially.”
Many of the youth ministered to by Freedom Fire have never traveled outside of the Kansas City area and many come from broken and single parent households.  By including inner city youth on our Agua Viva trips, we provide these wonderful young folks the opportunity to “see” how big God’s world really is.  Plus, our trips provide an excellent opportunity for them to experience team leadership in a wonderful Christian setting, and in a foreign country!  Agua Viva first embraced this concept in 2009 when we included a young Freedom Fire youth on our first trip to Guatemala.
|This spring 2013, Agua Viva again has the privilege of partnering with Freedom Fire.  Nicholas Cacy and Aheem Kimmins will be joining our team headed for Casa Angelina 2013.

Aheem Kimmins (left) and Nicholas Cacy have already received their passports and vaccines and they are ready to travel with Agua Viva!

Aheem Kimmins (left) and Nicholas Cacy have already received their passports and vaccines and they are ready to travel with Agua Viva!

Nicholas Cacy is the son of Kevin Cacy and Rebecca Cacy of Freedom Fire Ministries.  He has been involved in cross-cultural ministries since he was a small child, and has traveled twice previously to Guatemala, working in small villages in the Quiche province.  He has completed 2  years of college at Kansas State University, and this Spring is enrolling in a Ministry Apprenticeship Program in Kansas City.  |
Aheem Kimmins first got involved at Freedom Fire in 1997 as a 2nd grader.  He grew up in the federal housing projects in Kansas City, Missouri, while he and his 3 siblings were being raised by his grandmother.  He began spending lots of time with the Cacy family over weekends and holidays, and has been very much a member of the Cacy family ever since.  Aheem is attending Johnson County Community College with the hopes of starting a career in Health Care.  Aheem traveled to Mexico with Freedom Fire in 2002, and this will be his first trip to Guatemala, as well as his first time on an airplane.