Blog Two; Into the Amazon

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About an hour drive North of a village called Puyo, Ecuador, and in the Amazon rain forest, there is the most surprising place; A university. This is a special university called Universidad Estatal Amazonica. There are 5,000 students. The tuition is “free”. The students are all Quechue indigenous people. These people are drinking water right out of the river and they have invited Agua Viva to install a new purification and ozonation system to serve the students at this campus. The purpose of this university is to research and invent ways to use the natural resources of the Amazon rain forest...

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Blog One; Jipongato 2017

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Our Agua Team has arrived in Ecuador for site investigations and followup visits. Agua Viva now has five full installations in Ecuador and we have made many friends! What a joy to bring pure clean drinking water to these beautiful people and their communities. Our first folllowup trip was to Jipongato which is located high in the Cloud Forests. We stopped along the way to enjoy the mountaneous beauty and to take our first team photo. When we arrived at the site, we were so pleased to find the water system (installed in 2014, fully operative and clean as a whistle. Speaking of whistles, Dale...

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Houduras 2016; Blog Three

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Yesterday it rained. It really rained… like hard. For about two hours. Holy cow! The kids sure had fun playing in the rain. I guess, I used to be a kid, too. But, today is Thursday. A very big day and the weather is beautiful. Our Water Install Team produced our first five bottles of pure clean ozonated water. The new water supply is much nicer coming directly from the well. Our team is very confident that our new friends will be able to produce water for a long time coming from this source. All of our new operators are fully trained and Daryl Taylor (lead installer) says they are very happy...

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Houduras 2016- Blog Two

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Houduras 2016- Blog Two Monday is our first day on the job.  After a brief orientation, each of the teams started began their work.  Before noon, the new tanks were on the roof and the board for the water system was bolted to the water room wall.  The educators and dentists went to the elementary school nearby (K-1 to K-6) and met with the principal. Then the power went out!  Seriously? A local merchant agreed to loan us a generator for the week to get us through the week, but before we returned to the site, the power was back on. So, everything is great.  Everyone is well.  The food is...

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Honduras 2016

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Houduras 2016 The Agua Viva Team arrived in Quisgualagua, Hoduras, today, Sunday, just in time for church. God was with us and it was such a pleasure to meet our new friends. It was also troubling to see the extreme poverty in the area and I think we were all wondering what God has in store for us this week. The Water Room is ready. It was painted a pretty blue. The bottling table was completely installed with bottle washer, three floor drains, lights, tanks, bottles, everything. What a surprise and what a blessing. Victor Galo has worked very hard with Pastor Jamileth to get things ready to...

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2016 Year in Review

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Writing this post it is hard not to get emotional! God has done so much through this organization, touched so many lives, decreased disease and malnutrition risks for so many children as well as brought us into new uncharted territories! We could never have dreamed 6 years ago that installing one little water purification system at an orphanage in Guatemala would have birthed such an impact just 6 years later.  Agua Viva is reaching more and more poor communities and our capability is expanding rapidly. Our volunteers just got back from Ecuador on September 23 and are now packing for our...

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2016 Agua Viva International Annual Celebration

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Join us for this years’ Agua Viva celebration!

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(On sale from Sept 1st through Nov 1st)

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