It is the five year goal of Agua Viva International to use 100% of collected funds to install water purification systems and to provide education and evangelism.  However, it is also our goal to grow and serve an even larger number of disadvantaged people and eventually, God willing, up to 10 to 20 sites per year in a myriad of countries across the globe.

To do this, Agua Viva International is creating a separate economic entity:

Agua Viva International Foundation

It is our goal to raise $5 million dollars to create this foundation.  In this way, Agua Viva International will fund on-going operations and installations with investment income from the Foundation.  Plus, Agua Viva will hire full-time employees to organize and manage trips, raise additional revenue, and solicit volunteer support.

Agua Viva International is limited only by our ability to collect revenue to purchase the supplies and travel expenses.  All of our members are volunteers.  The time of our volunteers is donated and all of their trip expenses must be individually raised from private donors.

AVI has never paid any salaries or overhead expenses.  100% of our funds go directly to our Water Projects and Education.  With a profound emphasis on sustainability and education, donation dollars continue working for local communities for years after the volunteers have returned to America.

Agua Viva International feels strongly that all finances should be 100% transparent and available to our donors and the public.  Receipts are required for all expenditures and there is no tolerance for frivolous expenses.  Fiscal responsibility is essential to maintain our loyal base of donors and contributors.

During each phase of our efforts, a full accounting of AVI expenditures is made available on our Agua Viva International website.  The AVI water team is available for public presentations and we also offer a full written report to our donors when requested.

Below are listed the cumulative accomplishments that are planned for the organization over the next five years of operation:

  • 31 Successful Water Installations
  • 66,000 lives, Brothers & Sisters, Changed Forever
  • Providing Clean Water in 6 Countries
  • 34 New Trained Installers and Educators
  • Agua Viva Sustaining Foundation Fully Funded at $5 Million
  • 320 Volunteers, mission impact on volunteers in United States









If you would like to send a tax deductible donation by check, please make it out to Agua Viva International and mail it to:

Agua Viva International
P.O. Box 8481
Kansas City, MO 64114

Or alternately, you can donate with a credit card securely online through PayPal:

100% of the money raised goes directly to installing water systems in under developed countries.  No salaries, No administrative fees, just clean water.