Not Water

Agua Viva provides other benefits to our host communities.   It is almost impossible to turn our backs to other persistent needs we discover in the communities.  Here are a few of the other ways we touch the lives of our new brothers and sisters.

Colegio Mark 2013 Scholarship Recipients

VictorVictor Carillo – 1st Grade
Victor’s charm and sweet nature is a large as his smile. He lives in Zunil, a municipality of Quetzaltenango. Victor has three other brothers attending the Mark school and was selected as a scholarship recipient in order to help his parents make ends meet. There are currently 35-40 children from Zunil who are attending the Mark School. Zunil is known for its active worship of San Simón (also known as Maximón), a life-sized mannequin representing a Maya god. Our prayer is that Victor, his brothers, and the other children from Zunil will have a transforming spiritual impact on their community.


MelanieMelanie Alejá – 2nd Grade
Melanie’s quiet spirit is as kind as her sweet eyes. She has three other siblings in her family and suffers from a hip condition that causes her to limp and requires her to family to incur costs for physical therapy. She was selected as a scholarship recipient in order to help her parents better affords her medical costs.

KarolKarol González – 4th Grade
Karol has a bubbly soul and is sweet as honey. She speaks some English, is very motivated and cooperates in nearly every activity happening at the Mark School. Because of her commitment to the school she was selected as a scholarship recipient. Her father is truck driver and on March 13, 2013 fell asleep while driving and sustained major injuries to his face that have placed a monetary hardship on the family. We pray for a full recovery for Karol’s father.




During most of our trips, Agua Viva brings dentists or dental hygienist to our partnering communities.  Our friend in Guatemala, Raquel Poz Diez, will be graduating soon from Dental School.  During our trip to Iglesia Promesa Divini, Ecuador, and Iglesia Eben Ezer, Guatemala, Dr. Raquel fluoridated the children’s teeth and provided daily “tooth care” activities for the children, not to mention that we passed out 276 brand new toothbrushes and 165 packages of dental floss!  During our trip to Casa Angelina, Dr. David Scarbrough and his wife Jennifer worked tirelessly to treat a large number of the orphanage children, including many recent arrivals who had never seen a dentist in their life!


Water TruckTruck

“Isn’t she a bute, Clark!”

Within a few weeks of our water installation, Huerto de Getsemani already “out grew” their resources to deliver clean drinking water to the community.  Agua Viva to the rescue!

Through the generosity of our faithful followers, Agua Viva was able to purchase this fine truck for our new brothers and sisters in Las Cruces, Guatemala.  Now, water production is way up!!


Pig FarmPig

Franklin lives in a poor community near Huerto de Getsemani.  He will not be going to college, but he does have high hopes of starting a pig farm.

Nancy Allen, Agua Viva Board Member at Large, has been raising money to help Franklin get started.  Last year, we helped Franklin purchase his first installment of “pigs” for $500.00.

Aren’t they cute!



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