Taking volunteers on our mission trips is an extremely large commitment made by the Agua Viva International leadership team, yet in many respects we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without them.

We also wouldn’t be who we are– and probably not what He wants us to be.


Being a volunteer on an AVI project is a significant effort. We ask our volunteers to raise their own trip expenses and encourage them to include others in that effort. This has great impact on the volunteer, but also extends the reach of the story that we’re telling and expands our constituent base in numbers and also geographically.

Our volunteers are also very involved in the planning– both materially and spiritually– for the approximate week-long effort. We do our best to accommodate the spiritual gifts of each person, while filling the various teams and tasks that need to be accomplished. However, for those who feel the calling, but aren’t sure how they can help– or where they fit in– we always can find a position where that person can make a significant contribution.

We typically have four organizational meetings prior to the trip and oftentimes individual teams (Water, Education, Adult Ed., Medical, etc) meet separately or collaborate remotely to divide up the preparatory work that is involved. Other considerations and costsĀ  include immunizations and passports, which if course can be re-utilized should you decide to come back with us again– or participate with another organization in the future.

If you’re applying for an upcoming Agua Viva project, please fill out the applicationĀ here.

If you’d like to consider being a volunteer on a future Agua Viva project, fill out the form below with the Subject: Volunteer.