Nigeria 2014

In March of 2014, Agua Viva had the honor of visiting Uyo, Nigeria, where we met our new friend Ikponke Nkanta.  Mr. Nkanta graciously received us and led us to two separate orphanages in the Uyo area.  It was a wonderful trip.  Curt Mader, Nancy Allen, and Jim Allen met many new friends and we became painfully aware of the hardships faced by this developing nation.Nigeria 2014 Projects
At the Frontlines Children’s Center, we experienced first-hand the extraordinary needs of these communities.  Faced with limited supplies of food and little or no governmental support, this orphanage re-enforced our understanding of the desperate conditions faced by many of the communities in Nigeria and Africa.
Nigeria is investigating many new ideas and strategies to improve their standard of living.  With very limited resources, it was truly amazing to see what a few creative people and organizations can do with their extraordinary ingenuity.
Agua Viva hopes to maintain their new friendships with the Tropical  Research and Conservation Center and with the Frontlines Children’s Center.

Guatemala 2014

Agua Viva had a wonderful trip to Guatemala in June of 2014.  Mike Springer and Jim Allen were able to visit all of five of our installations in Guatemala plus we had the privilege of visiting two viable sites for new installations.
DSCN0201.CompressedAt Monjas, Jalapa, Guatemala, Agua Viva was able to spend some real quality time with Shadow of His Wings Orphanage.  It is hard to believe that 80 beautiful children like this have NO access to clean drinking water.
Our new friends immediately understood this basic need.A new system will be installed here in 2015 and it will provide purified water to all of the orphans in this community, plus they will be able to distribute water to many of the needy communities in the surrounding area.
Agua Viva was very impressed with the leadership and organization of this orphanage. We have no doubt that Shadow of His Wings will be a successful installation and a sustained influence in this region.

Ecuador 2014

In September of 2014, Curt Mader and Maritza Yanez traveled to Ecuador to perform three site investigations.

They endured a very long day of bumpy car rides to find Pano, Ecuador, in the Amazon lowlands east of Quito. Iglesia Nueva Vida Pano was eager to negotiate a covenant. Agua Viva is trying to balance limited resources with a seemingly endless demand for purified drinking water in Ecuador.

Curt and Maritza negotiating a covenant in Pano, Ecuador (Amazon Lowlands) with Iglesia Evangelica Alianza "Nueva Vida"

Curt and Maritza negotiating a covenant in Pano, Ecuador (Amazon Lowlands) with Iglesia Evangelica Alianza “Nueva Vida”

Probably the most important aspect of the trip was Curt and Maritza negotiated with the communities of Gompuene where the Agua Viva System had been forcefully removed in 2013.  The communities agreed that 21deAbril would be an agreeable “alternative” site.  Curt and Maritza then successfully negotiated a covenant at 21deAbril Vocational School in Flores, Ecuador.  Agua Viva quickly began preparations to return in March 2015 for this important installation.