Zinga, Tanzania, Africa
2017 was a great year for Agua Viva breaking first ground in Africa. After a harrowing experience in Nigeria, Agua Viva discovered an ideal host in Tanzania Africa on the other side of the continent; International Health Partners. Our volunteer team of 10 dedicated volunteers survived 26 hours of flight time, stopping off in Dubai, U.A.E., and completed our first full installation at a Children’s Hospital in Zinga, Tanzania. Can you imagine a hospital with no clean drinking water?

Now, the Children’s Hospital, and next year the Birthing Center and the Neonatal Care Unit, will all have pure clean ozonated water for all their patients.

Fundacion Salvacion Orphanage, Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Last year, 2016, our new friends at Fundacion Salvacion began having trouble with their Agua Viva water purification system. Their source water was so contaminated that the Agua Viva system was overloaded.


Agua Viva dispatched Dale Bain, Gerry Johnson, and Harold Barnett,
our three most experienced installers back to the orphanage, and they successfully modified our system with a beautiful sand filtration add-on. Now, the orphanage can increase production and sell more water…. YEAH!

Quezaltepeque, Guatemala

In September 2017, Agua Viva dispatched at dedicated team to a large Catholic Church and School in
Quezaltepeque, Guatemala; Iglesia Catolico Mixto San Fransisco de Asisi. Beginning with the nicest
water room we have ever seen, Agua Viva installed a complete water purification system with the added
benefit of a sand filtration system. Although the sand filter adds another level of complexity, the team
was up for the challenge and everything is working famously. The team was also blessed with a wonderful
group of new Educators. The Education Team was excited to share the importance of clean drinking water
and the new curriculum with the community, church, and school!