One of our strong desires, and a primary reason for having this web presence, is to communicate with others who share a similar passion. To that end, our Bulletin Board section is an attempt to consolidate some of the specific communication that we want to have reach our constituency.

Included in this area is a newsletter page where you can view copies of past newsletters that we’ve published. If you choose to view these Adobe Acrobat format documents, we hope that some of the detail comes to life from our history of communicating to our constituency. We’ll post future newsletters here, also, but we don’t currently have a formal schedule of when these are done. As a 100% volunteer organization, it depends largely on priorities and available time as you can imagine.

Another very important part of our Bulletin Board, however, is our Testimony page. As we gather stories and build this feature, we pray that the testimonies of the myriad of individuals and groups that we’ve touched over the course of our projects will touch your hearts in a way that no corporate communication can. As you hear from beneficiaries, volunteers, partners, and all the categories of people involved in what we do, listen closely for the voice of God as the Holy Spirit lays out these people’s stories on to your heart.DCandBaby

If you’ve been involved and/or touched in some way by our mission effort, and you have a story to share, please send it to us so that we may include it for the benefit of others.

We truly hope that you enjoy not only the communications via our Bulletin Board but that you also follow our Blog housed in this site. It’s the best avenue for up-to-date information on what’s happening today at Agua Viva International.

Be Blessed!