A Great Connection!

Aheem Kimmins (left) and Nicholas Cacy have already received their passports and vaccines and they are ready to travel with Agua Viva!
Aheem Kimmins (left) and Nicholas Cacy have already received their passports and vaccines and they are ready to travel with Agua Viva!

Two of our Agua Viva Board Members have had the privilege of “tutoring and mentoring” children at Freedom Fire Urban Ministries for several years in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. This Ministry touches the lives of hundreds of inner city youth and Freedom Fire is 100% “dedicated to equipping the young people of the inner city to guide their community spiritually, economically, and socially.”

Many of the youth ministered to by Freedom Fire have never traveled outside of the Kansas City area and many come from broken and single parent households. By including inner city youth on our Agua Viva trips, we provide these wonderful young folks the opportunity to “see” how big God’s world really is. Plus, our trips provide an excellent opportunity for them to experience team leadership in a wonderful Christian setting, and in a foreign country! Agua Viva first embraced this concept in 2009 when we included a young Freedom Fire youth on our first trip to Guatemala.

This spring 2013, Agua Viva again has the privilege of partnering with Freedom Fire. Nicholas Cacy and Aheem Kimmins will be joining our team headed for Casa Angelina 2013.

Nicholas Cacy is the son of Kevin Cacy and Rebecca Cacy of Freedom Fire Ministries. He has been involved in cross-cultural ministries since he was a small child, and has traveled twice previously to Guatemala, working in small villages in the Quiche province. He has completed 2 years of college at Kansas State University, and this Spring is enrolling in a Ministry Apprenticeship Program in Kansas City.

Aheem Kimmins first got involved at Freedom Fire in 1997 as a 2nd grader. He grew up in the federal housing projects in Kansas City, Missouri, while he and his 3 siblings were being raised by his grandmother. He began spending lots of time with the Cacy family over weekends and holidays, and has been very much a member of the Cacy family ever since. Aheem is attending Johnson County Community College with the hopes of starting a career in Health Care. Aheem traveled to Mexico with Freedom Fire in 2002, and this will be his first trip to Guatemala, as well as his first time on an airplane.

Spring 2013: Casa Angelina Preparations

Curt Mader with several children from Casa Angelina, June 2013

Spring 2013 Trip to Casa Angelina

Agua Viva International has been VERY busy. We now have 23 volunteers signed up to go to Casa Angelina in March of 2013. We are very excited about God’s plans for us and we shall faithfully abide.

Casa Angelina (House of Angels) is an orphanage in Chimeltenango, Guatemala. It was created partly with children abandoned at landfills in Guatemala. They presently have about 100 children.

Our volunteers have now begun preparations and our first planning meeting was last weekend. We a little luck and God’s blessing, we should be purchasing plane tickets TODAY. That has been quite a job and we are hopeful that we can clear this hurdle.

We are also very pleased that three of our volunteers are from Freedom Fire Urban Ministries. Vonnell Brown and Aheem Kimmins will be joining us and as an added blessing, Kevin Casey’s son, Nicholas Casey will be with us, too. All of these have now applied for passports and getting ready to get “shots”. Ouch !! This is a big deal to Agua Viva. Providing this unique opportunity provides an exceptional learning experience for everyone. Praise God. Now, if the passports will just arrive before departure !!!

Another wonderful element of this trip is we have reached out beyond Kansas City. We have six volunteers from northwest Missouri, one volunteer from Mississippi, and one volunteer from South Dakota. How cool is that? It is pretty crazy trying to get all of the plane tickets to converge.

More later.

Jim Allen (Moses)
January 23, 2013