Advance Team Arrives Safely!

Jeff, Susan, D.C., and Jacob are on the ground in Guatemala according to Jeff’s wife, Diane. The rest of the team leaves at the crack of dawn tomorrow (Fri) from Kansas City. As usual, the last-minute cross checks are happening and the engineers are fretting about whether they accounted for the right number of the right type of parts to put everything together. Below is an example of how our technical-minded leaders inventory suitcases!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Casa Angelina supplies for the orphanage we’re getting introduced to this trip as a prospect for a 2013 site installation. We ended up with four full-sized suitcases stuffed full to the 50lb. limit.

We’ll try to keep in touch as much as Internet connectivity and time allow, so stay tuned. If you navigate to the comments section of this post, you can opt to ‘subscribe’ and get email updates of new posts so you don’t have to go looking for them. Thank you for your continued prayers for God’s work to be done.

Advance Team Leaving for Orphanage Wednesday

Prayer warriors unite and keep our advance team on your list. Half of the Agua Viva team heading to Guatemala for the Iglesia Eben Ezer purification system installation will be leaving tomorrow to do advance work and relationship building at the Casa Angelina orphanage about an hour outside of Guate City.
Be praying for their safe travel and uneventful passage to their destination. Jeff Rommel, D.C. Freemeyer, Susan Williams, and Jeff’s son Jacob will be performing site selection work for Casa Angelina, which is a 2013 site candidate. It will be our first visit there and a chance to meet many who we’ve interacted with only by phone or email.
The rest of the team leaves Friday and will pick this group up on the way to Cantel.
We’ll continue to blog trip updates throughout the next 10 days or so, so stay tuned.