Inviting All Adults, Kids and Families to Walk for WATER

Raise money for Agua Viva while enjoying the Beautiful Outdoor Last Days of Summer

Now until Labor Day, September 7, 2020

Did you know that women and girls in many countries walk up to five miles two or three times per day to secure and carry dirty water for their families to drink? Because of this, women can’t hold a job, girls cannot attend school, and poverty continues.

Our Inspiration

Inspired by the book, The Long Walk Water by Linda Sue Park, Agua Viva challenges YOU to set a $$$ goal to support our mission. It is easy and FUN.

Why Help

Agua Viva provides purified drinking water to disadvantaged people in five different developing countries. It has been very challenging this year in large part because of the threat of CoVid 19. However, Agua Viva has been extremely productive providing sand filters, PPE equipment to our Operating Partners, translating health and hygiene curriculum into Swahili, and much more. Especially at a time such as this, drinking clean water is more important than ever.

Here is how you can get involved

Setup Steps

Option 1

  1. Search for Agua Viva’s facebook page
  2. Go to the Agua Viva’s page
  3. Click the ‘+ Create Fundraiser’ button
  4. Choose ‘Agua Viva International Inc’ as the nonprofit
  5. Set your goal amount and end date
  6. Customize your story’s details
  7. Set a cover photo
  8. Invite your friends and family to participate
  9. Write a post to share on your feed
  10. Make the first donation

Option 2 Create a Fundraiser on your personal Facebook

Click here for Option 2 instructions

Setting a Goal

Set a goal. Can YOU walk 5 miles, 10 miles, 100 miles? Can you ride your bike 5 miles… or 50, or 150 miles? Set a challenging goal to WALK, RUN, or RIDE as your sign of commitment and desire to help our Brothers and Sisters in remote communities gain access to clean drinking water.

After setting up your fundraiser

  1. First, email us and let us know you have accepted the challenge! Send a brief email to Tell me what your challenge is and what your monetary goal is.
  2. We recommend all Goals be completed on or before Labor Day, September 7, 2020, by midnight. Funds will automatically be transferred to Agua Viva via PayPal.
  3. Come by the Allen’s home to pick up an Agua Viva Cap to wear during your walk. Hats will be on our front porch at 13921 Nicklaus Drive, Overland Park, KS 66223-2999.
  4. Kids: Consider setting up a lemonade stand at the finish line of your Goal.
  5. Be creative as you walk, run, or ride! increase community awareness!
    • Design your own Agua Viva Shirt, crazy hat or banner to wear during your walk.
    • Put empty 5-gallon water bottles in your wagon, strapped to your bike, or carry while you walk.
    • Create a poster to advertise Agua Viva International. State your Goal and Amount You are Raising for Agua Viva. (Free Poster Boards will also be on the Allen’s porch)
  6. Be sure to take two or three photos at your finish line and email them to We may put them on our website or use them in our next Newsletter.
  7. HAVE FUN!!